UnLtd Fosters People with a Will to Change the World

 - Jan 19, 2012
References: unltd.org.uk & facebook
Based in the United Kingdom, UnLtd is a charity that supports social entrepreneurs. What's more, they cater to "people with vision, drive, commitment and passion who want to change the world for the better," as they on their website. "We do this by providing a complete package of funding and support, to help these individuals make their ideas a reality."

One of the most interesting and informational parts of their website is the directory, which lists examples of UnLtd projects, as well as people and their work who have gotten awards in the past for their outstanding work.

It's hard enough to kickstart your business as an entrepreneur, but sometimes as a social entrepreneur, it can be even more difficult because of the lack of financial profits. Let's hope more and more charities like UnLtd pop up around the world soon.

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