This Intuitive Software Filters Out Unimportant Messages

 - Aug 20, 2015
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'Phylter' is a new type of software that filters out unimportant messages based on physiological sensing. For many people, constant email notifications can distract them from more important tasks. This new program makes it easier to ignore low-priority emails when the mind is occupied with something more pressing.

The software was developed by a number of computer scientists at Tufts University. The program works by monitoring an individual's brain activity in order to filter through low-priority emails when the mind is occupied by another task. 'Phylter' is then able to deliver incoming email notifications at the appropriate time. The device does not require any active participation from the user, making it ideal for those who may be easily distracted.

The intuitive software thus prevents an individual from being overloaded and distracted by unimportant messages that may prevent them from doing their work.