The Tube Lamp Uses Concrete, Magnets and Metal to Enable Modification

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: doreenwestphal & blog.leibal
What might at first look like a pretty rigid light fixture is actually a remarkably adaptable one. The Tube Lamp by Doreen Westphal Studios hides its flexible potential behind some characteristically fixed-looking materials.

The stand of the floor lamp is made of crisply poured concrete that forms a cantilevered form between its vertical spine and its slanted extension. Attached to this elegant pedestal is a slender cylindrical pipe that houses the lengthy power cord. At the end of the cable is an eco-friendly lightbulb.

Unexpectedly, the Tube Lamp conceals magnets in its base that keep the pole stuck firmly to it. The Tube Lamp stands either straight up or on an angle, depending on the face to which you apply it. When tilted, the illuminator can be further adjusted by dropping the length of the suspended electrical cord for a lower source of light.