Tribal Crotched Textile Merges Polarizing Aesthetics

 - Sep 9, 2011
References: etsy & etsy
The tribal crotched textile is unlike any piece of neckwear -- crotched or otherwise -- that you have ever seen. This phenomenal piece uses an array of colors and space to really stand out as a bold and eccentric piece of contemporary design.

What I particularly like about the tribal crotched textile is the spike that come straight out. This tribal crotched textile does an excellent job of integrating to aesthetics that are generally considered opposities. If you have not already had a gander at the images check it them out to be pleasantly delighted.

Implications - Now that the recent economic downturn is over consumers are feeling less apprehensive about their financial stability. These consumers are looking to express these feelings with bold aesthetic choices. Companies should seize this opportunity to create products that reflect the internal state of the consumer.