Next Summer's Hottest Movie and Cult Sensation?

 - Jan 3, 2007
Whoo.. Transformers,the ultimate boys toy back when we kidults were all wee tackers is making it's live action big screen debut. I dunno why the Transformers was such a hit- maybe it was the 'toon that brought transforming robots to the western world, or maybe it was just tough to think your dad's weekend sports car could turn into a 'bot and make that mad transforming "tzzt tzzt tzzt cha tzzzit" sound.

The much anticipated Spielberg movie is out in July this year and I have to admit i'm excited. The new trailer was made available on yahoo movies a few weeks back and although it doesn't give much away (other than there's a hot chick in it) it's still worth checking out if you are a Transformers fan.What you think of the new look Optimus Prime though.. is another thing.