Toyin Odutola Reduces Her Subjects to their Basic Makings

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: toyinodutola
Nigerian-born artist Toyin Odutola goes through a painstakingly slow process when creating her art. Odutola uses very detailed pen and ink illustrations to reveal the makings of her subjects. She draws all the finer details and sinews that compose the human body and soul. Her art strongly surrounds the subject matter of race and being 'the other' in a world where it is hard to belong.

According the the artist's bio on her website, her art is a representation of " the relationship between "Otherness and Inclusiveness," [which] manifests in Black being the positive mark imprinted into the neutral space of the foreign White picture plane... the Black figure as the molded silhouette punctuating the White which seems to engulf it."

Toyin Odutola uses ordinary tools to create extraordinary results and portray the most visceral debasement of darkness in modern society.