Toaster Museums + 10 Odd Toasters You Might Find There

 - Aug 2, 2008
References: toastermuseum
The toaster museum is going crazy online for some unexplained reason. It's amazing how much buzz a collection of toasters can generate! I love pimping up toast in many different ways, so this does appeal to me too.

The curator of the VERY detailed online museum is Jens Veerbeck who collects toasters like most people collect stamps. More worryingly, his collection has grown to exhibition size in a little over 10 years. There are so many, in fact, he has sorted them into categories to make toaster research (why would you want to do that?) a lot easier.

Toast nerd Beerbeck says, "The design of each single toaster is like a small window to the design trend of the corresponding decade and country."

Maybe a valid point, but the joy in this website is just looking at the sheer variety and rejoicing in the good old eccentric. An eccentric who knows EVERYTHING about toaster. I hope he appreciates my cluster of toast trends, is all I have to say.

A toaster for hot dog sausages? I would advise drunk men to steer clear. It would NOT be a good idea.