Times Series is a Collection of House Items Meant to be Treated like a Person

 - May 25, 2012
References: wuweiche & wuweiche
Through the years, people throw out their old furniture and find ways to get new pieces, but that's not a sentiment that the Time Series furniture sets would agree with.

This brilliant furniture concept is designed by Charlotte Medin, Diana Kovacheva, Juhee Jo and Weiche Wu. The designers have come up with a method that might just make you think twice about throwing things out. The Time Series furniture is equipped with a time keeper device that tracks the day, month and year of when you purchased it. Giving furniture pieces a birthday makes it more than just an object. It becomes an item of sentimental value in which owners will be more inclined to trashing.

In the long run, Time Series encourages people to not be wasteful and share moments with their furniture as they would with a loved one.