Tiffany & Co. Launch 70 New Stores

 - Oct 20, 2007   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: luxist
Tiffany & Co. Collections will be the theme for 70 new Tiffany & Co. stores that will cater to the female buyer. The company wants "its little blue box to mean more things to more people."

The first 2,000 square foot store will open its doors next year. The site has not yet been disclosed.

" Tiffany & Co. which just opened their new huge store on Wall Street, shown above, is now expanding in a smaller way. The purveyors of fine jewelry have a plan to open 70 stores that are 2,000 square feet. The stores, tentatively titled Tiffany & Co. Collections won't be where a man goes to big up the big sparkly I do maker. In fact, WWD reports that the stores will feature women's jewelry but no engagement or "statement" (translation: huge mega rocks) pieces. The stores are meant to attract today's women who can buy their own jewelry, thank you very much. Pieces will be priced from just under $100 to $15,000 and the first store is et to open next year."

Implications - Since Audrey Hepburn enjoyed a croissant and admired some jewelry on the big screen, Tiffany & Co has been an icon for women everywhere, representing femininity and luxury.