The Throwie Alarm Clock is Designed to be Drawn On

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: colourlessdesign
Although its name suggests it, it would be unwise to toss the Throwie Alarm Clock at a wall or person. The misleadingly named clock is not designed to be thrown around, rather it is designed to let kids express themselves through art.

The Throwie Alarm Clock was designed by Michael Ly as a functional blank canvas. The clock is shaped like a miniature robot and comes with a permanent marker for kids to doodle with. Doodling on the clock lets kids personalize the clock and make it their own and also ensures that no two clocks will ever look a lit. In addition to telling time and sounding an alarm, the clock is also designed to play music. Although the Throwie Alarm Clock is designed for kids, I know more than a few adults who wouldn’t mind getting their hands on one of these, myself included.