The Gun and Bomb Detecting Revolving Door Safely Contains Threats

 - Jan 7, 2013
References: & gizmodo
When you're dealing with big crowds, sometimes a security guard just isn't enough.

Barbecan, a security company, has just filed a patent to deal with that exact issue. Its new system, which the brand is calling the Linear Revolving Door, is essentially a series of enhanced turnstiles with a built in metal detector to scan for bombs, guns or other threats. People can easily pass through the system of rotating barriers, which will automatically seal threats within, or reverse direction to eject the threat out of the building. The system can also be calibrated to help manage heavy levels of traffic.

A press release from Barbecan states, "Operation is completely safe, and by adapting to the pace of pedestrian traffic, LRD Portals can be used in high traffic entrances like schools, malls, theatres, stadiums, and factories."