The Stealthvape Effectively Conceals 420 Festivities

 - May 14, 2012
References: stealthvape & uncrate
For those who don't live in Amsterdam, walking down the street puffing on a joint may not be the most advisable course of action, thankfully the Stealthvape allows you to have a discreet rendezvous with Mary Jane without anyone giving you a disapproving stare.

Vaporizers are a more health conscious alternative to smoking cigarettes or pipes. The Stealthvape works by heating up the material within the vaporizer until it begins to release its flavor and aromatic properties without producing any carcinogens.

In the past five years there has been several new designs to promote vaporizer use amongst those who require marijuana for medicinal reasons. Discreet, portable and efficient, the Stealthvape is a great alternative to bulky bongs and stinky pipes.