The Lone Cowgirl by Dalton Louis Brings Rock-n-Roll to the Ranch

The Lone Cowgirl by Dalton Louis, a photographer based in New York City, is a photoshoot that blends two fashion styles into one: punk and Western. For the modern girl who still loves to ride horses and jump in ricks of hay, these are the looks she has been waiting for. Her inner urban spirit will not be compromised by cowboy hats and plaid shirts.

Starring MC2 model Isabelle, The Lone Cowgirl by Dalton Louis is shot on location at the Palermo Show Stables. Costarring alongside a majestic horse, her edginess strangely doesn't seem out of place in these rustic surroundings. It is great when seemingly stereotypical outfits are shown to be quite versatile. The looks were styled by Ivanna Goldenberg