The Ladybird

 - Feb 14, 2008   Updated: Aug 15 2011

My tiny bathroom SO needs this. Designer Coco Reynolds presents The Ladybird, a compact free-standing integrated Basin and Bath unit, designed for petite bathrooms with limited space. The basin can be removed revealing a tub that is designed in the style of a Japanese tub. The unit also subtly integrates a step for convenient access when entering and exiting, which retracts when not in use and opens out with a simple 'push' action when required.

Implications - Maximize style and relaxation with the Ladybird, which has an impressive design that both sleek and designed to wash away its owners stresses. The slight incline in the tub's base allows residue from the basin to drain freely, and the easy to use push step makes entering and exiting the tub no struggle at all!