The Gucci Twirl Watch

 - Feb 20, 2007
References: gucci & designcrack
There is so much great stuff I can say about Gucci. I've got handbag stories that will freak you out, but I'll save that for a future entry. Today I wanted to mention the new Gucci Twirl watch. I've seen this watch in a full page spread in no less than six magazines that I read, and the more I see it the more I want it. It is extreme Gucci with the logos displayed in full force. What I want to know is how the hell companies like Gucci actually make money? I mean, their ad blitz for this watch alone must be in the tens of millions of dollars not to mention the people designing the ads, the watches, and all the middle men it took to get this piece to market. I'm guessing that Gucci would need to sell several thousand of these before they even saw a profit, but how big could the market be for such an item? I wish I could think as big a Gucci.