The Bondi Holder Promotes Your Brand Through Personalized Design

 - Jul 17, 2012
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The big event is today, and the moment has come for your brand to stand out above the rest. Competitors will be present, as the function is sponsored by several businesses, including your own. These companies have already pushed certain promotional products and are doing well when it comes to brand image. The question remains: how can your brand get noticed and stick in the minds of those present? You've tried the more conventional roots before such as shirts and mugs, but these items just seem so mundane. How about giving the little man a chance for a change and trying out the Bondi holder?

This high-quality silicon holder is tough as nails, and attaches to any brand of smartphone. Instead of rummaging around in one's pocket, let this pint-sized dude hang from your belt buckles with your logo present for all to see. He's hard to ignore, and unlike any other traditional phone holder on the market. With both employees and attendees walking around with this protecting their smartphones, your brand is bound to get noticed.

The Bondi holder can also be used for everyday convenience sake. Instead of keeping your phone hidden when driving, hang it on the rearview mirror for easy access. You can even attach it to exercise equipment and rock out to your favorite tune without worrying about your precious device plummeting to its death. Don't underestimate this petite piece of silicon, as it's strong enough to ward off even the worst smartphone suicide attempts.

For brands, the Bondi holder comes in a variety of colors to fit your exact logo requirements. Designs can also be either printed or embossed, depending on your preference. Whatever the demands, Bondi ensures your brand's look and feel will be portrayed to a tee.

If you are looking for a unique way to promote, contact Bondi and get noticed today.