‘Game' Theory Teaches You How to Flirt With Panache

 - Mar 30, 2009
References: lovesystems & realsocialdynamics
After almost a decade of secrecy, the art of meeting beautiful women has become mainstream. With multiple books, DVDs and classes available on the subject, hundreds of thousands of average men around the world are learning to approach, befriend and ultimately get into relationships with beautiful women.

The common theme among all these authors is that money and looks play no role in helping men meet women. Instead, Game focuses on building self-confidence and the tactics needed to exploit the subconscious biological needs and defenses of women--everything from proper approach methods and opening lines to how to make the woman comfortable enough to leave her group of friends to have a one-on-one conversation.

Neil Strauss, one of the founders of Game and also the author of the book "The Game," states that the best way to approach women (also called a ‘set’ among PUAs) is with a non-threatening line, for example, "Ladies, I need you to help me settle an argument with my friends. If you see a guy that’s clearly a good dancer, do you automatically assume he’s gay?"

Recently, to add to the popularity, there have been reality shows introduced based on Game. In Canada, there is a show called "Keys to the VIP," where contestants compete to see who can approach and ‘close’ sets the best. And in the U.S., an author known as Mystery hosts his own show called, not surprisingly, "The Pickup Artist."

Popular forums have even sprung up. Thundercat’s Seduction Lair and O-Town Lair are just a few of the websites where PUAs can discuss and improve on Game.

Women everywhere are catching wind of this theory, yet there have not been any complaints. One thought is that women actually appreciate the work of Strauss, Mystery, and others. Some women that were asked went on to state that because of Game, they have noticed more confidence in guys in general, and a decrease in ‘creepy’ guys with cheesy lines.

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