Awesome Foosball Tables

 - Aug 3, 2008
Everyone knows foosball, and how could you not love it? It’s the table game where big boys gather around little wooden men on rods to push a little wooden ball into a hole at the end.

Not only that, but it’s the vast quantities of adult beverage consumed between goals that make it really interesting. In case you ever want to have somebody really care about your foosball table, here are ten suggestions.

1) The Opus Foosball Table: The field’s craftsmanship, engineering and design make it the most desirable option for the foosball nerds. Each table is hand-crafted from your choice of woods, and stainless steel hardware for a bespoke price tag of $75,000.

2) Starkick Robotic Foosball table: The table is created by the geek-o-maniacs at the University of Freiburg in Germany. The table features base made of tinted glass, under which a camera photographs the ball 50 times per second. It then sends the data to a computer in the table, which tracks where the ball is. The robotic foosball table comes for a hefty price tag of $32,500.

3) Good versus Evil’ Opus football table: You will love the new take on the Opus with the ‘Good versus Evil‘ foosball table which is available in a limited edition of 20 pieces each for $29,500.

4) Crystallized Football Table: The Crystallized Football Table from BlingMyThing is for the bling-lovers.

5) Toto Treme Terra foosball Table: This geeky foosball table designed by Chelpa Ferro has specs to make even a dull game into an exciting one with high-end speakers blasting.

6) This luxurious foosball table from designer Jared Arp is constructed from Hard Maple and Silver Lace Wood, reinforced by Italian Bending Board and HDF. The elegance will set you back for $9,500.

7) Teckell Crystal Foosball Table: The table features an unconventional make with crystal case and the the foos-men in radiant aluminum.

8) Robotic foosball table by the engineering students from the University of Adelaide.  The table boasts motion control experts which build a highly competitive automated opponent to tackle human players.

9) Bene AL_Kicker Foosball Table: The players are made in anodized aluminum and are painted in slick silver and red.

10) Offside Foosball table: Made from solid oak with a stainless steel frame, the table comes with a glass top that protects the mirrored football pitch underneath.