The Tailor Loudspeaker Can be Customized with Colorful Fabrics

 - May 18, 2013
References: kickstarter & uncrate
More often than not, people tolerate speakers because they enhance the sound of their music, not because they enhance the look of a space; but that can all change thanks to the Tailor Loudspeaker. Instead of making speakers less obtrusive, the Tailor Loudspeaker embraces its size and shape while dressing it up in fine fabrics to give it a more fashionable turn.

Designed by Adam Norbury, a product designer based in Oxford, United Kingdom, the Tailor Loudspeaker may stand just over three feet tall, but people won't be concentrating on its height. Instead, they will comment on fine English Walnut frame and vibrant upholstery. Whether from Maharam suppliers or Paul Smith or anyone in between, the Tailor Loudspeaker is very chic.