This Table Clamp Carrot Peeler is a Go-to for Restaurants and Homes

 - Sep 29, 2013
References: fancy
The table clamp carrot peeler exists for those individuals who have a particular love for the orange vegetable. This handy little peeler will put an end to all of those painful peeling jobs and would make for a perfect addition to homes and restaurants.

The device simply clamps onto any flat surfaced edge. Its build is made up of a plastic shell and six opposing stainless steel blades. To operate the device, simply push your carrot in one sift motion and the blades will rotate and peel your carrot to perfection. The blades are also able to accommodate big boy carrots as big as 1.75 inches.

The device is seven inches in length so not overly massive but definitely a good size. The set includes a table clamp mount and is available as a whole for under $50.