The Nautboard Lets You Swim Like a Dolphin Underwater

 - May 2, 2014
References: nautboard & gizmag
The Nautboard is a underwater board which, when towed by a vessel, allows the user to swim like a dolphin. The board, which is made out of a single piece of unbreakable polypropylene, allows the rider to swoop up and down with the grace of a dolphin.

The board requires towing by a watercraft traveling at a speed between 2 to 5 knots (3.7 to 9.3 km/h). The rider is towed on rope that can be between 9 and 30 meters long. The rider clasps onto a pair of handles, and tilts the gull-wing-shaped board up to go down and down to dive beneath the water. Riders can glide beneath the water surface at depths of over 7 meters.

The sensation of being able to swim like a dolphin is enhanced with greater tow boat speed, allowing the rider to execute sharp dives and acrobatic tricks.

The Nautboard is also designed to float to the surface if the rider lets go of it.