Family Goes 1 Year Without Chinese Goods

 - Aug 20, 2007
References: chicagotribune
Recent food and product recalls on merchandise from China has caused a lot of people to doubt the quality of imported goods from the country. What the events have done, however, is point out how dependent consumers have become on Chinese exports. One family conducted an experiment to see if they could survive one year without buying anything that was "made in China."

Sara Bongiorni wrote a book on the 12 month challenge she undertook with her family. She concluded that her mission ended up being a lot more challenging than she had originally anticipated. The book is a fun yet informative read backed up with solid research. She was meticulous about not buying any guys that had Chinese ties during the period.

The hardest part of the challenge? Bongiorni says it was keeping her family to abide by the rules. With so many technology goods and toys produced in China, it would be a challenge for anyone.