Studiokahn's 'Fragile' Collection is Breakable and Beautiful

'You break it, you buy it' doesn't exactly apply to Studiokahn's artwork.

Jerusalum-based husband and wife team Studiokahn has created a unique collection of ceramic pieces that just beg to be broken. Studiokahn's 'Fragile' collection is comprised of several ceramic works ranging from jewelry to kitchen accessories. The common quality that all of these creations share is that they need to be snapped!

Each piece in Studiokahn's 'Fragile' collection needs to be broken by the user in order to work. For example, when initially purchased, the salt and pepper shakers are bound together into one single ceramic sculpture. In order to make the shakers functional and separate, the user has to snap the ceramic in half along its middle. This means that each piece is minutely different as each person will create different broken edges.

Studiokahn's 'Fragile' collection is anything but fragile and encourages people to interact with and create their possessions.