The Street Fighter x Tekken Trailer Depicts the Ultimate Showdown

 - Apr 17, 2011
References: youtube
Capcom is well known for mashing Street Fighter characters with Marvel and SNKs. The Street Fighter x Tekken trailer shows the company's latest crossover fighting platform.

The Street Fighter x Tekken trailer depicts an epic showdown between four well-known characters from both games: Ryu and Ken from the former, Kazuya and Nina Williams from the latter. The storyline is unclear in this cinematic trailer, but all I do know is that these guys are laying the smackdown on one another in an unforgiving manner.

It'd be interesting to see how Tekken plays into the world of 2D fighting considering how the game has always been 3D. Either way, this latest release from Capcom should satisfy fans who have grown up playing both iconic games.