Steve Powers' 'Semaphores of the Soul' at Alice Gallery

 - Feb 6, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: slamxhype & supertouchart
Steve Powers' new, fantastic work is being exhibited at the Alice Gallery in Brussels. The show is titled 'Semaphores of the Soul' and is running until March 7th, 2009. I adore the color theme used in these works, and the comical and relatable written words/statements are well woven into the pieces. The word Semaphore is very appropriate for this series, as Steve is clearly sending the world messages through the art.

Implications - Consumers in the modern age are no longer attracted to products that feature a subtle aesthetic. Items that feature a bolder style are appealing to those who want to stand out with all of the purchases they make. Companies attempting to draw in more shoppers to their brand could come out with a greater number of designs that feature this element of vibrancy.