Where do You Fall on the 'Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs. Prey' Infograph?

The 'Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs. Prey' infograph takes a look at how ventures fare in today's world. To properly assess what your strengths and weaknesses are, you must first take a good look and decide where you fall. Using sea creatures to display how the food system of startup projects is like, the infograph is a fantastically whimsical display of one of the most important capitalist ventures.

Not only does the graph create profiles of what role you and your company, idea or firm plays in the ecosystem of venture projects, but it then goes on to point out areas of "prey," or "predator" and ranks you on a scale of ubiquitous to endangered. While the graph incorporates a lot of humor and lighthearted sea jokes, it actually does provide some interesting insights into the world of startup businesses.