Design by Erges

 - Dec 24, 2008
References: erges & contemporist
That's it, I am moving to Latvia - and I don’t even care if it's really, really cold there! Who knew they were keeping their incredible design talents tucked away, such as this project from Riga, Latvia. Described as an "Interior for a Young and Modern Girl," this recently completed dream project by Erges is everything I would want in a home in terms of design and decor. The tones, textures and everything in it are just gorgeous. Although it is just a studio apartment, it has the air of a stunning New York Penthouse. This is quite a feat to pull off - with all-white rooms suffused with lilac accents. The base-relief warrior in the living room is awe inspiring. Glass structures are illuminated with LED lighting, with additional glass products adding to the levity of the confines of the small space. Just beautiful - what more can I say?