Stalasso Pendant Lamp Draws All Sides of the Room Down to One Point

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: joericlaeys
In the way that a stalactite tapers down from the roof of a cave, the Stalasso Pendant Lamp dangles from the ceiling with its exquisite tipped base. It hangs from a slender metallic cable that welds in with the flaring, high-gloss top half. The piece becomes transparent towards the bottom like an expanding drop of water that's just seconds from falling to the floor.

Joeri Claeys's light fixture doubles as an enthralling sculpture. It embodies perfectly smooth contours and shiny surfaces that dazzle the eyes. Even though the bulb is fastened into the upper portion of the Stalasso Pendant Lamp, its intense glow is reflected in the clear inverted apex. Soft yellow illumination is produced that creates a cozy atmosphere indoors.