Mass .TV Auctions on

 - Jul 19, 2008
References: andypurdy
There has been some serious domain name squatting - buying a domain name hoping to sell it for profit - and it involves some of the biggest television stations in the U.S. A Florida man, who apparently has no ties to television, bought up 285 four letter domains that end in .tv. Now he means to cash out and is handling the auction. It's all perfectly legal, but television stations spend millions to develop their brands and can't be too happy about having to bid to buy their call letters.

The call-letter domains include WCAU-TV Philadelphia and WTVJ-TV Miami, KPIX-TV San Francisco, KTVT-TV Dallas/Ft. Worth, and KCCO-TV Minneapolis/St. Paul, WTTW.TV (using the call letters of the famous PBS station in Chicago), WXIA.TV (the NBC station in Atlanta), and WDIV.TV (the NBC affiliate in Detroit).