The Spider Catcher

 - Jul 19, 2008
References: prezzybox
Ewww.....gross! It's a spider! I don't know about you, but if I see a spider, I scream very loudly and run very far away. I then commission my lovely boyfriend to brutally murder the bugger as soon as possible. However, I oftentimes feel a twinge of guilt as the little guy receives a death sentence for simply appearing in my line of sight.

Well, Tony Allen, maker of the Spider Catcher, created an innovative product that solves many of the problems of spider/human relations. One, it keeps you (the creeped out one) a safe distance from the arachnid. Two, it allows you to pick it up gently and grab it without hurting it by way of its fine silky strands that trap the invader. Then, you can place him outside (preferably as far away as possible) without killing it. The feeling afterwards? Very Buddha-like.

The earth-friendly, no battery-using gizmo also works for other gross insects such as worms, moths, and more. It was even tested on butterflies and the result was 'no harm done'!