Galactic Suite To Open In 2012

 - Aug 11, 2007
References: galacticsuite & galacticsuite
"Imagine being in a weightless spa watching 15 sunsets in one day." Tired of Earth based hotels? A Barcelona based group is planning on launching a space hotel called "Galactic Suite" with an opening date set for 2012. A three day stay at the hotel will set you back $4 million. According to company director Xavier Claramunt, "It's the bathrooms in zero gravity that are the biggest challenge" and "how to accommodate the more intimate activities of the guests is not easy."

Imagine a vacation where you go around the world in 80 minutes. The galactic hotel takes you from 0 - 28,000 km/h in just 10 seconds. For the astronaut training process, you get sent to a gorgeous tropical island. Sounds a little too good to be true!