The Sospesa Showerhead is Elegantly Deceptive

 - Jan 24, 2014
References: ponsi & trendir
At first glance, the Sospesa Showerhead could easily pass for a modern pendant lamp. That is, as long as it isn't in use. As soon as a person flicks on the switch and it doesn't go on, it will be almost immediately determined that water streams from it, not light. A unique design, the Sospesa Showerhead shows that traditional fixtures are stuck in the past.

Made in Tuscany by Ponsi, the Sospesa Showerhead takes on the shape of a bulbous chrome disc. It is suspended from the ceiling with the help of three slender steel wires and one flexible water supply pipe. Utterly elegant, the Sospesa Showerhead is thankfully not just pretty to look at. It provides a full body rain shower that is as pleasant an experience as the design is beautiful.