The Soft Form Collection by Alvin Huang is Slightly Cartoonish

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: alvin-huang & contemporist
More often than not, furniture should be cozy and comforting as it offers a place for relaxation; those are just the qualities the Soft Form Collection focuses on. Of course, the pieces aren't necessarily cozy in the traditional sense. In place of large cushy surfaces and warm materials, the furniture line boasts bright colors and cartoonish silhouettes that will put anyone in a cheerful mood just looking at them.

The Soft Form Collection was designed by Alvin Huang, an industrial designer based in Singapore. It is made up of three pieces: the Venus Chair, Asteroid coffee table and Magma side table. The defining feature of Venus is its large outstretch backrest that appears to offer a big hug. The versatile Asteroid is much more futuristic while Magma is inspired by a volcanic fluids.