The Smart-Shower Branches Out to Facilitate Every Step of Your Ritual

 - Oct 8, 2013
The contemporary bathroom would be streamlined significantly if the Smart-Shower were to be integrated. It's slender and sleek and organically inspired, yet it invites interaction in a cutting-edge fashion. Designed by student Mashal Rana, the concept made it as a finalist in the 2013 Bathroom Innovation Awards thanks to its creative use of technology and its overall ingenuity.

The different branches of the tree-like design all perform different functions to assist in every stage of your personal hygiene process. The largest offshoot integrates a shower head, as well as a built-in body and hair dryer; a smaller branch acts as a towel rack and another as a shelf. Finally, the Smart-Shower incorporates a touchscreen panel that enables you to turn on some music and to control water temperature, flow and consumption.