Keymochi is a Smart Keyboard App That Can Identify the Feelings of Users

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: & springwise
There are smart keyboard app variations in existence that can predict what the user will text next, but Keymochi predicts users' emotions. Developed by three Cornell Tech students, the mobile application can be used to offer more personalized customer service and support at home.

Designed with commercial use and health care in mind, the smartphone keyboard option uses affective computing. The working prototype monitors typing speed, punctuation, phone movements and sentiments in general in email and text messages. The data-encrypted app only saves the way messages were typed, and not the content. So far Keymochi has a success rate of 82% based on the developers' emotional data.

In the future, the team hopes the smart keyboard app will also be able to analyze home environment factors and have facial recognition capabilities.