These Smart Ear-Tags Help Farmers Monitor Their Animals

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: quantifiedag & fastcoexist
'Quantified Ag' is currently testing a number of smart ear-tags that can help farmers monitor the health of their herds. While wearable devices have become extremely popular among consumers, the same technology is now being used for animals as well.

Currently farmers track the health of their herds through observation, which involves identifying those animals that look sick. These new biometric ear-tags could make it far easier to identify sick animals by providing real-time data on the health of a herd. The ear-tags work by monitoring an animal's temperature and vital signs and then wirelessly sending this information to a server where it can be analyzed. The technology helps farmers easily identify sick animals and separate them from the herd.

While the smart ear-tags are still in the early stages of testing, the technology would help to revolutionize farming by identifying sick animals that might otherwise appear healthy.