The Doggy Slo-Bowl Is Made Like a Maze to Make Rapid Eating Impossible

 - Dec 20, 2013
References: slo-bowls & likecool
Of course you don't want to dampen that pure excitement experienced by your pet at mealtime, but when your furry friend eats his food too quickly, it can cause several health problems. The Slo-Bowl is a clever solution that forces famished canines to decrease their pace, making the process of lapping up dog food a little more difficult.

The Slow Feeder comes in squared and circular versions that have all sorts of labyrinthine shapes in them, made from grooves and ridges that distribute the kibble inside. This arrangement makes it impossible for Spike's supper to be consumed in just a few huge gulps. The Slo-Bowl requires your puppy strategically lick around the maze-like patterns, making digestion more gradual and reducing the risk of bloat.