Vadim Mahora and Vitaly Raskalovym's Aerial Shots are Inspiring

Vadim Mahora and Vitaly Raskalovym are known for a daring hobby that helped them capture this awe-inspiring skywalk photography series. The photo series is undeniably beautiful but is definitely terrifying for those with a serious fear of heights.

The daredevils’ skywalk photography series may be vertigo-inducing for some and boasts an impressive result that is hard to find anywhere else. The duo capture architectural views in Germany, Poland and Barcelona and casually stand atop cathedrals, skyscrapers and bridges to capture their striking aerial views.

This series contains both night and day shots that are accented with urban lighting and topographic landscape details. The impressive photographs leave one in awe while making them cringe with fear and worry for the brave photographers who have snapped them.