The Skyline Ceiling Lift Hood Suspends Elegantly Over the Stove

One of the appealing aspects of the Skyline Ceiling Lift Hood is that it is exceptionally unlike any other on the market. This Studio Ambrozus appliance boasts a pair of features that sets it functionally and aesthetically ahead of many of the most avant-garde extractor hoods available.

But why rave about a range hood? The simple answer is twofold. Firstly it is eco-friendly, employing an innovative energy efficient technology for removing grease from the air. The remote-controlled device does so without the use of grease filters that obstruct airflow and it carries out its task in near silence. Secondly, the Skyline Ceiling Lift Hood is manufactured by Berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH to take an elegant contemporary form, complete with an adjustable suspension length and a soft yellow glow for illuminating your simmering dishes.