The Skube Can Be Used Separately or in a Group as a Loudspeaker

 - Sep 19, 2012
References: soundplusdesign & theverge
The Skube is a music box that uses Spotify, a digital music service, to play playlists. Although the Skube could easily be dismissed as a one-trick pony, people who make that assumption will be sorely disappointed.

An interactive cube of sorts, the Skube cycles through playlists when used normally. When flipped over, the Skube automatically changes to Discovery mode to find similar music. A double tap signals that the user wants to slip a track.

Most interesting, however, is when the Skube is connected to two or more of its brothers. When flush up against each other, magnets detect their proximity and begin to act as a loudspeaker with one Skube becoming the controller for all. Users are able to add tracks to their Skube by pressing the '