Sivan Hefetz's Teapot Cleverly Stores its Strainer in the Handle

Many teapots throughout the world and the past several hundred years actually have a great deal in common in terms of shape and function. It's a surprise then, to come across something like Sivan Hefetz's Teapot, which deviates from familiar form and operation.

Resembling a tall carafe, the ceramic or pyrex vessel has a tube that penetrates towards the upper rim. Open to the inside, this is designed for the insertion of long strainer that's meant to store the loose leaf tea that you intend to brew.

The protruding tube doubles as a handle and shorter opposite end is the spout. The hot water is required to pass through the infuser before dispensing. Sivan Hefetz's Teapot keeps the flavorful blend elevated as the liquid level drops, preventing the beverage from becoming too strong.