Siri Desk Surrounds You with Adjustable Surfaces for a Dynamic Setup

 - Jan 21, 2013
The rectangular tabletop doesn't actually make a great deal of ergonomic sense when you really think about it. Something like the Siri Desk does a much better job of letting you take advantage of the human body's ability to pivot and reach for objects laterally.

Brazilian designer Dimitri Lociks might have begun with a quadrilateral concept before bringing in the unreachable back corners. On the other hand, the front corners were left broad and even were enhanced with the installation of an egg-shaped tray on each side.

These two add-ons are able to rotate horizontally to tuck in closer to or farther from the sitter. These parts of the Siri Desk provide a place to rest your elbows or to position your computer mouse, your coffee or just about anything you'd like to have handy.