Green Power is Blowin' in the Wind

 - Dec 24, 2008
References: news.cnet & news.cnet
42 Windspire wind turbines will silently produce power as part of a garden construction project at Quinnipiac University’s York Hill campus in Connecticut.

The sculptural towers stand about 30 feet tall and have a 2-foot radius. Each tower produces nearly 2,000 watts of power per year. A typical home would need three to meet its power usage. They go for about $5,000 each, which would put the cost recovery at close to 50 years. A number of states have tax incentives and cash reimbursement plans that offset some of the costs. There are incentives at the federal level as well. Depending upon the state in which the turbines are installed, a large portion of the cost may be refunded making this type of installation a more attractive option for home owners and small institutions.

To be completely off-the-grid however, a system with battery back-up is a good idea. It should rely on a combination of wind and solar in order to account from sunny days when the wind doesn’t blow and windy days when the sun doesn’t shine.

The video above tells more about the Mariah Power company’s vertical wind turbines.