The Scout Observer is Your Personal Satellite Communicator

 - Sep 12, 2011
References: scout.coolfiresolutions & engadget
Although it looks like it belongs in a military supply depot, the Scout Observer is intended entirely for civilian purposes. Weighing in at six pounds, this has to be the heaviest, albeit most practical iPhone attachment I've ever seen.

Built around a typical iPhone charging/speaker system, the Scout Observer is a portable SATCOM, allowing users to locate, verify and observe mobile signals. Included inside this high-end device is a spectrum analyzer, power meter and a Low Noise Block Downconverter. That last inclusion lets you connect to any satellite with open channels.

Something about the Scout Observer spells trouble for its users. Regardless, whether you're a professional mountaineer, a wildlife tracker or a CIA assassin, this iPhone dock will let you blast your favorite tunes while wandering through the most remote locales the globe has to offer.