This Sassy Tank Shows You Have Zero Tolerance for the Pea-Brained

 - Nov 15, 2014
References: kiddangerous & shop.nylon
This sassy tank by Kid Dangerous says "B*tch, please," or, more accurately, "Bitch, Peas." God, I love visual puns.

The popular phrase, dropped in many a freestyle, conveys your disbelief and incredulity at other people's behavior. You said what now? "B*tch, please. Get over yourself!" You're having none of it! You're on a strict, BS-free diet.

This shirt is perfect for days when you can't be bothered to be pleasant and nice, especially not to people who really don't deserve your courteousness. Thankfully, people will be sure to steer clear out of your way once they see the confrontational message across your chest. And, as an added bonus, it'll remind you to eat your veggies.