Rollable MP3 Boom Box

 - May 23, 2008
References: dayagionline &
Since their early 80s inception, boom boxes have been a constant pop culture icon. Even in our technology obsessed world of iPods and tiny MP3 players, designers seem to be still fascinated by them.

The latest twist in boom box design is by Israeli designer Inbal Tyagi who found inspiration in the hula hoop when she came up with this music on wheels, roll-able MP3 boom box.

Her unique and fun design, which is made from M.D.F and P.V.C, gives the boom box a nice make-over with self support energy using rechargeable batteries and dynamo.

Now forget your iPod and earpods, take this fun boom box with you to the mall and enjoy the stares and curses when you play your brilliant music...