RKS Wave Guitar With Interchangeable Skins

 - Mar 30, 2006
References: rksguitars & gizmodo
The new RKS Wave Guitar features interchangable skins. Hot!

From the Company:
It's light and swift: It's sleek and sexy: It has all the attitude of a supermodelâ€"and it ROCKS!
The Wave Guitar, hand-built in the USA, yours for $899!

Cool Composites! The Wave Guitar utilizes high-tech ultra-resonant composites in it's body core and shell. The result is a vibrant, clear, and loud tone-production machine.

Wood that testifies. Each of the Wave Guitars is hand fitted with a neck made of North American rock maple and a fingerboard made of rosewood. Your fingers will be flying on familiar surfacesâ€"and on some of the most precision fretwork around.

Touch your tone! The Wave Guitar is outfitted with custom-made Lace humbucking pickups that will feed your appetite for mayhem. The unique Groove Knobs and Posifly pickup selector switch are located in positions that are so convenient and ergonomic that you'll wish all your guitars were built this way.

Wardrobe uhh: “Function”: The Wave Guitar is the first guitar to offer fully interchangeable body shells and pickguards. Undo a few screws and change the color of your guitar! It's so simple you could do it between sets.