The Riding Partner Light is a Friendly Companion

 - Oct 30, 2011
References: yankodesign
As people become more conscious about the environment, the use of bicycles in cities has increased, making The Riding Partner Light the ultimate accessory for two-wheelers. This glowing companion alerts others about your presence on the roads, and can also be moved around your bike and double as an adorable adornment.

Designed by Lee Chang-ho and Han Ki-hoon, this product assures safety and comfort for riders. It only needs ten minutes of solar energy to illuminate for eight to ten hours. Additionally, it saves the light for the night thanks to its night-glow material. Made of rubber, the Riding Partner Light also works as a shoulder-pad to help comfortably carry the bike. Moreover, the design allows it to be easily attached to any part of the trike.

The best part of The Riding Partner Light is its cute shape that resembles a little man, and it comes in wide variety of colors.