First Gen iPods As Fashion Accessory

 - Aug 30, 2008
While Facebooking friends, watching viral videos and sharing music via iPhone, I was surprised to notice a new, rather trendy, urban acquaintance sporting an iPod Classic.

Launched in October 2001, this very first product in the Apple iPod range is chunky, white and now retro looking. Perhaps the latter suggests why my new friend was showcasing it attached to his graffiti-print man bag. When asked why he still used his 5 GB internal hard drive iPod, whilst his iPhone has a 32 GB flash memory and does everything but make him cheese on toast and wipe his behind, he simply said, "I found it the other day amongst my things and thought it looked so cool."

Who would have thought this revolutionary technology would return as a vintage fashion accessory so soon? Yet compared with the capabilities and aesthetics of todays models, the iPod Classic does look pretty old school and old school is always cool.