WaterBar Purifies Then Culturally Remineralizes Water

WaterBar is an ingenious creation by artist Marc Böhlen that provides symbolically remineralized water that is also drinkable. Water is chiefly purified, then geoengineered as a reaction to the current news on global water crises.

The minerals in the filters used are culturally and historically meaningful. For instance, increased readings on problems of overconfidence in technology, is counterbalanced by mineralizing water with quartz-rich granite from Inada by Fukushima, where the latest devastating high-tech catastrophe took place.

The remineralization process is done through the filter bank which releases traces of magnesium, iron, calcium and other elements in proportion to the intensity of the problems noted on the news.

Nothing that all of the water is within a systematic cycle that circulates the earth, the designer explains that "Waterbar accellerates the global flow of waters through many regions of the planet, and produces a drinkable water mix in the process."